Texas Two-Step Snapper

Mouth-watering Grilled snapper. A definite hit for any dinner party.


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Fried Whole Tilapia with Cilantro Butter

With this simple-yet-flavorful recipe you can be serving Tilapia kicked up with a delicious Cilantro Butter at your next meal.

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Scallop and Shrimp Seviche

Impress your family & friends with this easy to prepare dish from Chef Michael!


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Crepes Stuffed with Eggplant

Enjoy this Mouthwater dish of Crepes filled with eggplant and manchego cheese with a spanish romesco sauce.


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Light Mole Sauce

This wonderful Mole Sauce is rich, earthy, flavorful and low in fat and cholesterol. Serve over Chicken, Shrimp or your Favorite meat.

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Texas Watermelon Gazpacho with goats cheese balls coated in almonds

This recipe uses watermelon instead of tomato for an unusual twist to traditional gazpacho. Served chilled.

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Avacado with Peas

Using peas with avocado will save you a bunch of fat calories in this delicious dip.


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     Based in San Antonio, Texas, Michael Flores is a chef, television personality, cookbook author, culinary instructor, food consultant, and owner of a specialty foods company dedicated to presenting unique and delicious gourmet products.  Michael relies upon traditional methods of classical cuisine while incorporating ingredients from diverse cultures.  In this multi-cultural diversity he explores the richness of flavors, aromas, and presentation, a culinary journey which reflects his appreciation of peoples and their lives mirrored in their foods. 

     The distinctive quality of Michael’s cooking can be seen and tasted in what he prepares for his patrons and also enjoyed by those who prepare the recipes in his cookbook:
My Family, My Friends, My Food.”  His goal is to make you the star of your own kitchen.  Learn more on Michael’s web site www.chefmichael.com.


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